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Stansted Minicabs offer a full range of transport services, including Minicabs for Stansted Airport transfers, hotel transfers and for any special event which matters to you the most. We provide the best taxi service at Stansted Airport.

We also maintains corporate accounts for frequent travellers and business executives. Corporate accounts streamline the billing process and take the fuss out of paying for each and every journey. And because it makes life easier for us too, you’ll get a discount!


Who Are We

Stansted Minicabs is the trading name of MinicabCo Ltd who has been helping people to get around since 2007.

Our aim is to provide customers the best taxi service at London and particularly around Stansted Airport at very cheap and affordable rates. Currently  MinicabCo have headquarters in 10 major cities of London, all of them operate 24 hours, 7 days.

Safe rides, safer cities

Whether you’re in the back seat or behind the wheel, your safety is essential. We are committed to doing our part, and technology is at the heart of our approach. We partner with safety advocates and develop new technologies and systems to help create a world where it’s safe and easy for everyone to get around. ​


Stansted Minicabs is famous for providing the great Airport transfers service at Stansted Airport. We are sensitive of busy schedules and lifestyle and therefore our priority is to take care of the customer’s time and comfort.

In-ride Insurance

In case of emergency, you can reach out to our 24/7 in-ride call centre and we will be there to help you.

Pay The Way You Like

Stansted Minicabs support almost all the popular payment methods like payment by cash, credit card, corporate account payment, etc.
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Track Your Ride

From the moment your Driver is assigned till you get to your destination, track your ride in real time or share your details with your loved ones. The MinicabCo app provides great facilities to the travellers.

Driver's Rating

We take our Customer feedback on Driver and use it to improve their experience. If the driver is making some trouble then you can contact us or give your feedback after ride on his profile and we will take strict actions against him/her.


Plan Your Trip

Provide the journey details to chose a suitable car for you.

Get A Quote

Book a car that best suits your need. Either call us at 020 8890 0220 or book online using our MinicabCo app or insternet browser.


We will confirm your booking via email and will keep you updated.


Stansted Minicabs owned a variety of vehicles, that are 24/7 available at your service at Stansted Airport to take you to any destination of your choice. Just chose a ride that best fits your needs and is in your price range.
Some of the popular vehicles of Stansted Minicabs are given below:
Business class car

Saloon Car

4 Passangers, 2 Suitcase, and 2 Handbags.

MPV vehicles for small families trips - Stansted Airport Transfers


6 Passangers, 4 Suitcases, and 2 Handbags.
Small family chioce

Big vehicle for big families - Stansted Minicabs Service

MPV plus

8 Passangers, 6 Suitcases, and 3 Handbags.
Best choice for family trips

Business class car

Estate Car

4 Passangers, 3 Suitcases, and 2 Handbags. Cars for special moments and parties.

Mini electric car to take your parcels anywhere at London - Stansted Airport transfers

Courier Service

We can deliver anywhere in London within 2 hours with online tracking service.

Van to carry your luggage from stansted airport - Stansted Minicabs


Variety of Vans available for moving stuff from one place to another.

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Bob Tabor

I love Stansted Minicabs Airport service. Their service is fast and their fares are low, and what else you need to enjoy a ride. I would like to travel with them in future and would recommend their taxi service to everyone.



Booking a Minicab is very easy with Stansted Minicabs app, book in a minute and taxi reach to your location within less than 5 minutes. They provide comfort, fairness and their vehicles are neat and clean. Always love to ride with them, my personal favourite taxi service in London.



First time i used their service and I found it a very comfortable taxi service at very cheap rates. I think Stansted Minicabs is one of the best Minicabs service in London.



Stansted Minicabs is always looking for enthusiastic, experienced and hard working Minicab drivers...
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Stansted Minicabs

Established in 2007, Stansted Minicabs is the most experienced Minicabs service based in the Stansted Airport area. With a wealth of knowledge our vetted drivers can ensure you reach your destination on time and safely. Our aim is to ensure we provide a unparalleled service to our clients ensuring convenience, affordability, reliability and above a pleasant experience.

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